How can I do everything I need to accomplish and still be a good father?

The Spread

This is my typical daily spread. The cards aren't in any particular order and the positions don't have any particular meaning. Instead, I let my intuition guide me to the significance of the position after the cards have been laid.

Symbols and Significance

The most obvious things that jump out at me are the inclusion of two major arcana in a three-card spread, and the bright yellow background of all three cards. Major arcana signifies large, archetypal life events. The color yellow represents vitality, energy, intellect, and creativity.

The Cards

The Fool is walking away from the situation. I usually have a pretty cavalier attitude about life and work, or I have traditionally. The situation I'm in now requires that I temporarily pretend to be an adult with a strong work ethic, or I'm going to fall off that metaphorical cliff.

According to Eden Gray, the Page of Pentacles is a scholar, the typical introvert, and has a respect for learning and new ideas. He is walking toward The Magician, holding a large pentacle. He is offering assistance in the material world. This could be the arrival of money, which is the most obvious visually.

The Magician is skill, mastery, creativity. He is an artist who creates his work by synthesizing from the four aspects of life, which are represented on his table as the physical manifestations of the four suits of the minor arcana. This is telling me that the only way to really be successful is to find balance.


For now, it's time to abandon wandering without direction and focus on what needs to be done right now or disaster will ensue. I need to concentrate on making money, which is waiting on me pending finalizing several projects, and that money will assist me in creating projects of my own. If I ignore the other things that are important to me, however, I won't be successful. The secret is in creating (not finding, The Magician is about control and mastery) an appropriate balance.

AuthorBrennen Reece
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